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Ronald Reagan meeting with Taliban\al-Qaeda\Mujahideen

“These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s founding fathers.” — Ronald Regan while introducing the Mujahideen leaders to media on the White house lawns (1985).

Click for a larger image.

reagan with leaders

16 Responses

  1. The primary one being assassinated just before 9/11, because Bin Laden realized he was the biggest immediate threat to Al-Qaeda. Others of whom now serve in the current Afghan government; others went the Benedict Arnold route.

    Simple implied condemnation without the complexity of the back-story

  2. I was not trying to condemn him, just found it funny.

    I don’t even believe Reagan ran the Reagan White House, which explains why the Talking Reagan was much different from the Do-ing Reagan.

  3. Great photo. Where did you get it?

  4. also, what was the date of this meeting?

  5. The interpreter is a woman…with the customary bag–excuse me, ‘hijab’–on her head. You can almost hear those ragheads go “ewww!” They don’t like women…as ‘Man Love Thursdays’ indicates.

    Hopefully, Ronnie’s depends weren’t leaking onto that white chair.

  6. Mujahideen, yes. The others, not so much. The Taliban wasn’t formed until around 94. The Mujahideen were freedom fighters, fighting back from an invading Soviet army.

  7. The Great Ronnie God.

  8. […] and His Meeting With The Taliban and Mujahideen Even the Ronnie god praised Taliban. http://www.politicalinquirer.com/200…aedamujahideen. The Great ronnie god praised the taliban and al-qaeda. __________________ "Gentlemen, We […]

  9. It should come as no shock that after Ronald Regan successfully closed many mental institutions around the US, the most important thing is to screen a new potential love for, is there criminal background. It goes without saying to me, but I’m shocked at how awkward some people look at me when I tell them this. Recently I broke off a very long relationship I had with a woman because she felt threatened with me mentioning how you can look up public criminal records free online. We have more sick and crazy people today then anyone wants to believe. Regan helped cause this too. Apparently he was bent on closing institutions early in his days as a governor in California, and continued with this goal into his presidency. At one point California state legislature had to put a stop to him closing mental hospitals because the crime got so out of hand. So what happened to all the crazy people? They live among us, which is why our crime has continued to spiral out of control, in addition to the homeless population exploding. A lot of which has fled here to Washington State because of our accommodating homeless and health care system.

    On June 5th, 2004, Ronald Regan died. Most will recall that he suffered from Alzheimer’s, and struggled with embarrassing complications through his presidency. Don’t forget he did help us win through the cold war, but it wasn’t free, with a 2.5 trillion dollar price tag, I think it looks more like we bought the war.
    Its ironic how someone with so much power and determination worked so hard to successfully eliminate mental health institutions, causing sick and costly repercussions to the public, while he actually ended up suffering and dying with a debilitating mental disease himself. I think of something I once heard “Be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it.” Oddly enough he was coined one of our best presidents. I wonder if he would have worked so hard to get rid of these mental intuitions had he of known he was going to end up with Alzheimer’s.
    This is why you have to screen your new potential love. And if you ever do end up in a situation where you find out down the road they are crazy, put your thumb in air and say “Thank you Regan”, because they should have been in a mental institution rather then on a date with you.

  10. That isn’t the Taliban or al Qaeda. The Taliban and al Qaeda didn’t exist in 1985. These were mujahideen, so there is a difference. Although many mujahideen were as brutal as the Taliban and some had ties to what became al Qaeda, others were very different, such as Ahmad Shah Massoud and Abdul Haq.

    The Taliban was a creature of Pakistani intelligence and Deobandi/Wahhabi religious indoctrination – with the U.S. looking the other way and sometimes sending aid. Al Qaeda grew out of Arab fighters that went to Afghanistan – with CIA and Saudi involvement – and only formally came together as an organization under bin Laden in response to the First Gulf War in 1991.

    Saying that these people were Taliban (or al Qaeda) paints every Afghan political organization with a broad brush and delegitimizes their right to self-determination.

    Not that this absolves the Reagan administration from complicity in the formation of these groups, but the CIA and the George Bush Sr./Bill Clinton administrations (along with Benazir Bhutto) supported hardline Islamists after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in order to destabilize the pro-Soviet government of Mohammed Najibullah.

    The whole “Ronald Reagan is the devil” bent these days absolves too many other people from responsibility, paints every Afghan organization as a hardline Islamist group and lumps together the Taliban al Qaeda with groups that have actually have opposed both the Taliban and al Qaeda even when the U.S. was content to accept Taliban control in Afghanistan all through the 1990s.

    Posting items that lump together the mujahideen, al Qaeda and the Taliban as one is really irresponsible.


  12. Can anyone find out the NAMES of the mujahadeen picured in the photo with Reagan? This would help a lot. Thanks for any leads.

    I’m curious what has become of them since 1985, when this photo was taken. Here’s a video of that press meeting, btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGm-4MRuGF0

  13. Sorry to bust a few bubbles here, but the Taliban go back far beyond 1985. Claims such as those by PM have do not hold up to close scutiny of Afghan history, and are made only to confuse people as to who is resposilbe for the mess there.
    Although taliban have never been, until recent times, at the pinnacle of military and political power, they are not new to Afghanistan. They have been a component of the religious establishment and have always lived in the shadow of other military, political, and economic groups. Mullah Shor Bazar, an Afghan fighter known for inflicting heavy losses on the British during the Third Anglo-Afghan war of 1919, was also a talib, as were Mirwais Khan Hotaki, and Mullah Mushki Alam, who fought against the British occupation of Afghanistan.
    For anyone wishing to become knowledgable about these people? One of the best sources is here: http://www.institute-for-afghan-studies.org/AFGHAN%20CONFLICT/TALIBAN/intro_kakar.htm

  14. […] Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983. Ronald Reagan meeting with Talibanal-QaedaMujahideen Manuel Noriega – from US friend to foe As with Saddam Hussein, Noriega enjoyed American support […]

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